Thursday, September 29, 2011


"Sunshine is the best form of Vitamin D."

Although many people lead you to believe that sunshine exposure is is not, unless abused.  It is like anything else in life.  Used in moderation (15-20 min. per day), sunshine is actually very healing.  It helps heal many skin disorders, cuts/wounds, improves bone growth, improves mood and sense of well being. Those are just a few of the benefits of sunshine.

But, the sunscreen...??  If you really think about it.....putting  a bunch of man-made chemicals on your skin, and going outside to "cook" your skin with chemicals sitting in your pores sounds a bit unhealthy.  One theory states that sunscreens can cause skin cancer.  Some people believe that the sunscreen being baked onto your skin can actually become the skin cancer lesion.

To read more on the subject read the book "Real Health Real Life" or "The Healing Sun."

--from  my book Real Health Real Life."