Thursday, October 27, 2011


Riding a mechanical bull helps strengthen your core.  It works your upper abs, lower abs, internal and external obliques.  Riding the bull also helps strengthen your back and adductors (inner thighs)...

The mechanical bull was originally designed to help rodeo cowboys practice riding real bulls for the rodeo.
Before there was a mechanical bull, rodeo cowboys used a metal barrel with 2 ropes tied to the back and two ropes tied to the front.  The ropes were then tied to 2 trees.  The free moving barrel assimilated a moving bull. 

Years later, they designed a metal barrel with a motor underneath it.   The activity caught on to the public. The first publicized mechanical bull was placed in a bar called Gilley's in Pasadena, TX...outside of Dallas.

The movie "Urban Cowboy" in 1980 featured a story line of cowboys and cowgirls that frequented Gilley's to practice riding the mechanical bull named "El Torro."  The release of the movie popularized mechanical bull riding and Gilley's that led to a bull riding craze.

Mechanical bull riding has made a comeback recently and people are flocking to places that house a bull.  Bull riding is such a great core workout that places have been creating a "Bull Fitness" class.  The class includes a cowboy warm-up, stretches, riding of the bull and a cool down.

If you are in need of a core workout and would like to "have a bull" doing it, check out a Bull Fitness class!

Travaasa Austin Retreat/Spa in Austin, TX has a Bull Fitness class for you to get a core workout and have a few laughs.  The bull is named Brutus.  He looks like a real bull and has speed levels from 5-55.  Most people fall off at level 5-15, others stay on up to level 25-40.  If you are bored with your current core workout, check out Brutus at Travaasa, Austin!  But don't pull his tail....(He doesn't like it.)
Note: Not recommended for people with neck or back issues.