Tuesday, October 11, 2011


"Exercising with a stability ball improves balance,
strengthens abdominal and back muscles
and improves body awareness..."

Stability ball guidelines:
* Make sure you maintain proper air pressure. 
When the ball is firm, the exercises are more difficult. 
When the ball is soft, the exercises are easier.

*Knees and hips should form a 90 degree angle
when seated on the ball.

*Using a ball for your desk or office chair forces you
to sit up straight..
It will help strengthen your core (back and abs)

*Size does make a difference.
Appropriate ball sizes:
Height                  Ball Size
5 ft.                      45 cm
5 ft- 5'7''              55 cm
5'8-6'2"                65 cm
6'2" and taller       75 cm

--from my book "Real Health Real Life."