Thursday, October 13, 2011


"Pineapple has bromelain which is good for the joints...

The majority of bromelain is in the skin of the pineapple,
that's why it is good to juice pineapple, skin and all.

While studying holistic nutrition and reasearching juicing,
I learned that the bromelain in pineapple helps heal the joints.

It wasn't until I went to Kauai, Hawaii 5 years ago, that I got to
experience the need for bromelain first hand.

My trip to Kauai consisted of long hikes every day...anwhere from
2 1/2 hour hikes up to 8 hour hikes.  The day I hiked 8 hours was a
day of knee pain.  I hiked everyday for 3 days prior and then went for the 8 hour
hike along the Kalalua Trail.  This sent my knees into a a powerful aching pain
on the last 2 hours of the 8 hour hike.

The following day I rested my knees and kayaked.

After returning home, I brought some pineapple home for my daughter.
As I was cutting it up, I ate a piece of the pineapple.
My body went into a crazy earning for more pineapple.
The craving was overwhelmimng!
I ate another piece,
It was not enough.  I kept eating pineapple like it was
the only thing my body would accept. 

My joints were craving the bromelain in the pineapple in order to
heal the damage I had done while in Kauai.

Do you know I ate the whole pineapple in one sitting?
That's how strong my body was talking to me. 
It was telling me I what  I needed.

Listen to your body...if you listen, it will speak to you.

(Needless to say, I had to go back to the store
and get another pineapple for my daughter.)

--from my book "Real Health Real Life."