Thursday, October 6, 2011


"Laughter DECREASES stress, fear and pain.

So why not laugh?
Laugh away your stress,
it feels better to laugh it off
vs. getting angry, tense and upset.

Laugh your fear away.
It's better than living your life in fear...
Afraid to do anything, go anywhere or be anyone.
Life is too short to live it in fear!
A good question I ask myself when I would like
to do something but am afraid...

"Will I regret not having done this particular thing
in my life when on my deathbed?"
It's the "Deathbed Test."
Instead of letting things scare you, laugh at it.

And pain...laughter can ease the pain.
That's why even in a difficult situation when someone
cracks a bad joke or makes a crazy has value.
If it makes you laugh when you feel you are at your worst,
it has value.  Who doesn't appreciate a laugh when we are
feeling sad, depressed, stressed or scared?

What it comes down to is, laughing feels good.
It feels good and it's healthy.
Once again ...
Laughing DECREASES stress, fear, and pain.
I think we can all use a little of that...if not a lot!

Next time things are tough....
Make a different choice on how you react....
Try something new...

--from my book "Real Health Real Life"