Thursday, November 10, 2011


"Real Soul Activities are things that make your soul happy such as yoga, tai chi, meditation, painting, reading, relaxing music, time in nature, bubble baths, massage, spirituality, etc....

Soul Activities is a term I came up with to describe activities that soothe your soul.  We do things in life that soothe our careers, finances, spouses, kids, etc.  But we need to remember to sooth our own souls.  When we take time to soothe our own soul it makes us more relaxed, serene and fulfilled. 

We need to remember to fill our own glass, not just give everything we have all the time.  Refilling, nurturing and healing our own souls makes us happier, healthier and more pleasant to live with.  When we are happy, everybody else is happy.

So if you are running on empty, remember to stop.  Refill your glass.  Restore your energy.  Soothe your soul with some soul activities.   You are worth it.  You'll be glad you did and so will everyone around  you.
Soul Activities...anything that brings joy to your soul."

--from my book "Real Health Real Life."