Friday, December 16, 2011


"When the loss of a loved one is on your mind during the holidays, emotion can come up.  Release it.  Holding it in does you no good.  Cry, yell, scream, journal, shout....get it out...holding it in only makes you miserable.  You are human, let it out...

Many people are happy during the holidays, many are not.  We appreciate our loved ones who are here, but we also miss the ones who have left us.  Releasing pent up emotion re: lost loved ones is healthy.  Once you release that emotion, you are more likely to gain a sense of peace and move on with your life.  After releasing painful emotions, you will be more likely to get through the holidays with less pain.

It makes sense doesn't it?  Release the pain so you can make more room in your heart for the loved ones that are here, today, in your life.

After you release the emotion, appreciate the time you DID have with the loved ones who've left."
--from my book "Real Health Real Life."