Tuesday, December 20, 2011


"A good way to avoid the Holiday 7 (7 lbs. of holiday weight gain) is...Do not eat after 8pm. "Eat after eight, you tend to gain weight," is a guideline to go by when preventing any extra weight gain...

Our bodies go through 3 stages in a 24 hour period.  Stage 1 is Digestion/Appropriation from 12 Noon to 8pm.  This is the time when digestion is at it's most efficient time.  Not to say that your body will not digest foods at other times, but this is the most efficient time to digest. As long as you finish eating your meal before 8pm, you'll digest it much more efficiently.  Efficient digestion helps to avoid other problems like improper digestion, constipation and weight gain.  Eating after 8pm can also throw the regularity of your body off track, meaning the other 2 stages will be delayed, therefore delaying Assimulation (absorbtion of food)/Stage 2 and Elimination/Stage 3.

For Real Health eat your holiday food before 8pm, if you can.
Happy eating.
Happy digestion.
Happy Holidays!

--from my book "Real Health, Real Life."