Thursday, January 12, 2012


"January is a good time of year to do an internal cleanse.  The body is usually in need of a cleanse after all of the holiday eating and drinking.  We tend to overload our bodies with too much food and unhealthy food during the holiday season.  Doing a cleanse after the holidays gives the body a break from all the toxins and constant digestion....

There are many cleanses out there...One of my favorites is a juice cleanse.  Juice cleanses give the body some nutritents, yet relieves the body of the taxing function of digestion.  It is always a good idea to consult your health practioner before doing a cleanse, as some people have certain health conditions that may challenge the body.

One of my favorite juice cleanse is:

4-6 Grapefruits (the fresh juice of)
6-8 oranges (the fresh juic of)
2-4 lemons (the fresh juice of)
3/4 gallon of purified water

Wash fruit thoroughly, then peel and pass through juicer.  Combine fresh juice of all fruits listed with purified water.  Keep refrigerated.  Drink 8 oz every hour.  It should last you one day.  This was designed as a 2-day cleanse, but you can do it for one day to start out.  If you do a 2-day cleanse repeat directions for the second day.

Freshly made juice from a juicer is best for a cleanse.  Juice from the grocery shelf is not the same and is considered  "dead" juice.  It has been pastuerized (or cooked over 118 degrees Fahrenheit), therefore has no live enzymes.  The reason they pastuerize (or cook) the juice is to destroy any bacteria.  It is possible to have bacteria in your fresh made juice but unlikely. Live enzymes, which is in freshly made juice, give the body life and help to create better health.  That's why people feel better, more alive, when they eat fresh fruits, raw vegetables and salads.  They also have live enzymes.

Note:  Doing a cleanse may create detox symptoms for 1-4 days of a cleanse.  Some detox symptoms can include:
* headache
* light headedness
* nausea
* dizziness
* irritability
* fatigue
Detox symptoms are a way the body cleans out toxins. 

* (Pls be sure to check with your health practioner or holistic healthcare provider before attempting a cleanse...especially if you have never done one before.)

--from my book "Real Health Real Life."