Saturday, January 28, 2012


"Real healing is about remembering loved ones.  Remembering how much you miss them, but also, how much they touched your life...

The anniversary of a loved one's death is difficult to get through, but it is also an opportunity to remember them and how they blessed your life.  What gifts they gave you, are what you can carry on and give to the the world.  Give the gifts they gave you and pass a part of them onto others.

No matter how difficult it is having them gone, know that they are still with you...always."
Tomorrow is the 3rd anniversary of my sweet mother's death. I have been feeling the emotion coming up already today. I felt emotional off and on all day and could not figure out why I was emotional...then it hit me. It came a day early. I thought of her, remembered special memories...I cried, but ..after the tears were done, I thought of the 45 glorious years I DID have with her.
Thank God..., I had her for that long and that she was a special person that made a huge impact on my life. I decided to take the good of her and keep it inside me so I can pass on her goodness to others that may be in need of her warmth.

We all keep a part of special people when they leave us. We think that they are gone, but really, they leave a part of themselves with give to others. Miss them when they are gone, but also give that beautiful part of them to someone who needs it. That's how they live on, after they are gone.

:) --from my book "Rea;Health, Real Life."