Sunday, January 29, 2012


"Releasing emotional pain is healthy.  Holding it in is not. No matter what you do, emotion that needs to be released WILL come out.  It's best to let it out as it comes vs holding it in for long periods of time...

Many of us try to avoid releasing emotional pain. We go around it, over it, under it, anything to avoid going straight through it.  We even do our best to numb it, just so we can avoid feeling it.  Whether we drink, smoke, eat, have excessive sex or overspend our money to feel  good, the pain is still there.  It WILL come out.  The best thing to do is confront it. Go straight through it.  Once you have gone through the pain, confronted it and released it, it will be just that, released.  The pain will be released from your body, mind and soul.

How you release pain is important.  It is important to release pain in a responsible talking, journaling, prayer, mirror work, crying, etc. Try writing a letter to the person you are upset with.  You do not have to send it.  You'll be surprised how healing it is.  Afterwards, you can rip the letter up, if you like.  Make sure you release your emotion in a way that is not harmful to yourself or others.

Once you have released the pain, you take on new feelings.  Peace...and comfort.
So, exchange your hurt and anger for peace and comfort.
Letting it go will set you free."

--from my book "Real Health, Real Life."