Tuesday, January 3, 2012


"Just be real.  Being real is about being yourself.  Putting pressure on yourself to be something  you are not is un-real-istic.  New Yrs resolutions can tie us down, feel heavy and so much pressure...

Just consider making a resolution to "be real."  Be yourself...for real...and see what happens in your life.  Be honest, I mean really honest with yourself and with others. Speaking a truth about yourself acutally shows vulnerabilty and "realness."  Showing your realness connects you with others.

I met with a new friend of mine today and we both "exposed" a truth about ourselves.   We laughed and brought our relationship to a deeper level because we now both know a secret truth about one another.  There was no judgment, just realness. We revealed to one another that we are human...not perfect....but real.

Take the risk, be real and see how things unfold in your life.  You may just find that someone else also has something they were holding back.  When one person reveals a realness about themselves, you may find others also have something to share.  In the end, it bonds you, connects you and makes you both more human and real!

-from my book "Real Health, Real Life."