Friday, January 27, 2012


"Real surrender is about letting go...When you have done everything you know to do and things are still not moving, stop.  Let go.  You can only control so much in life.  Do what you can, but know when to stop and let the rest happen..."

We are so busy doing this and doing that, but we finally reach a point where no matter what you do, life just stops. That is your cue to stop and let other life events unfold.  Or, maybe you have done so much that the universe is telling you to have done your work...let the universe do its part.

When you are in a "doing" frenzy of doing, doing, doing, there comes a time to rest. Stop. Be. Relax.  The world will not stop, just chill out.  The universe is always working; moreso when you are doing your part.  But there are things known as  Know what  they are, acknowldege them and embrace them.  It's ok to slow down.  It's ok to relax.  You'll know when to pick up and start moving again.

Determination gets things done, but rest and relaxation helps you to sit back and reflect... look at what you have accomplished.  Enjoy it, just like you enjoy the "doing."
--from my book "Real Health, Real Life."