Monday, November 18, 2013


Life is not perfect, yet we strive to be. We get off track through divorce, loss of a loved one, depression and toxic relationships. To escape, we 'numb' out by overeating, overdrinking, overspending, etc. In "Real Health Real Life," the author not only shares her various wellness techniques, but also 'gets real' by sharing her real life experiences. When it's all said and done, "Real Health Real Life" helps you 'get real' with your body, yourself and your life! Real Health, Real Life is divided into 3 sections. Section 1 starts with holistic nutrition, different ways of eating, juicing and internal cleansing. Section 2 deals with fitness and metabolism in a unique way; physical fitness is blended with mental fitness, empowering the mind, body and spirit. Section 3 is about wellness. This includes emotional health, relationships, Ego Love vs Real Love, honoring, loving and valuing yourself, as well as spirituality. By sharing her real life experiences of depression, loss of a loved one, and toxic relationships, the author shows you how to get back on track with your body, yourself and your life!
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