Wednesday, January 29, 2014


ELIMINATION DIET: "Food sensitivities can be a frustrating thing to deal with... The allergist I once worked for recommended an elimination diet which involves eliminating 8 different food categories for 5 days. Eggs, grains, dark sodas, dairy, citrus fruits/citrus juices, tomatoes, and unfortunately chocolate. After the 5th day you can add the foods you missed back into your diet...but be sure to add them back in 1 by 1...and pay attention to how your body reacts when re-introducing each food back in What you CAN eat is: Fruit (non-citrus), vegetables (no tomatoes), fish, turkey, chicken, beef and water. Remember, its only for 5 days. If if helps, try eating this way during allergy season to reduce allergy symptoms. For more info check out the allergy/hormone book "Maybe it IS All in Your Head and You Are Not Crazy."
Quoted from the book Real Health Real Life