Wednesday, August 26, 2015


"FAKE IT TIL YOU BREAK IT": A phrase came to me yesterday while thinking about how we FAKE our lives. (We've all done it at some point.) We put up this facade that our lives are perfect, when they aren't. If we FAKE our feelings for too long, we end up BREAKING our lives, and others'. Our life becomes a pile of pieces. We then have to reconstruct ourselves and our lives. Truth is always the best path. The truth eventually surfaces anyway, so why not be true to ourselves and others from the very beginning? It avoids a lot of stress, anxiety and pain, for everyone. So, the next time you hear, "Fake it til you make it," consider the new phrase, "Fake it and you'll BREAK it." By being true to yourself, you are being true to others. ~Jillian Lambert
Real Pain Real Peace