With 26 years experience in the wellness industry, Jillian Lambert is the author of the inspirational book, "Real Pain Real Peace," wellness book, "Real Health Real Life," and yoga/meditation video/DVD, "Real Serenity."

She holds a M.S. in Holistic Nutrition and certifications in Living/Raw Foods. She has a variety of fitness certifications, worked with top-rated spas and even created a mechanical bull fitness class!  
In addition to her fitness and nutrition certifications, Jillian is also certified in feng shui and holds a B.S. in Pyschology.

Besides educating, elevating and empowering people, Jillian also has a passion for nature and ocean conservation.  Overall, what sets Jillian apart from others is her unique education, background and experience, as well as her openness and down-to-earth realness!

What People Say About Jillian:

"This incredible woman has an amazing story to share.  Read about her personal journey in Real Pain Real Peace.  Through total and complete devastation in  every level of her life, Jillian rises up from the ashes of despair still standing strong...Finding peace at the end of her quest, all while living an authentic life."   ~Ron Bowles, IN

Jillian Lambert has been my personal trainer for over 4 years.  Despite my busy career schedule, she has enabled me to maintain a healthy, balanced lifestyle.  She gives me the motivation to exercise consistently and educated me on proper diet and nutrition.  She is dependable, hard working and committed to helping me reach my fitness goals -- not just for the short term, but for years to come."
~ Courtney Dudley, M.D., Austin, TX
"Jillian Lambert is our Feng Shui guru. She has an amazing aura of positive energy and her knowledge of Feng Shui runs deep. When visiting our home,  my husband and I were very impressed with her thorough exploration of the house, inside and out, and her keen, but gentle suggestions of our Feng Shui mistakes. Jillian gave us verbal and written suggestions with lots of specifics to help us achieve better Chi. It worked!  We noticed a smoother flow in our home which led to a calmer existence and better productivity. It's difficult to describe, but a welcomed change. Jillian's expertise is invaluable and I would recommend her services to anyone looking for all good things in life."
                                          ~ Karen Nugent, R.N., Austin, TX

"Jillian brings nothing but great energy to all of her classes. She KNOWS how to motivate all of her participants and take them to the next level. Jillian is passionate about living a healthier lifestyle, and that same passion, she gives to her participants."
                ~Stephanie Hawkins., 3M Wellness Director, Austin, TX

If you are interested in working with Jillian,
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or call (512) 965-4252