Boot Camp
Ball Fitness
Strength & Tone
Water Aerobics
Real Serenity (relaxing yoga)
Ocean Yoga
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Fitness Classes

Rockport Fitness 

Strength & Tone - Tues.   4:30 pm
Strength & Tone is a full-body strengthening class that works your upper body, lower body and core, all in 1 class using weights, balls, bars and bands. Become stronger and more toned with Strength & Tone! 

Real Serenity - Tues.    5:30 pm
(Full-body stretch/yoga routine with relaxing music.)  
This flexibility routine combines basic stretches with modified yoga poses, and ends with a serene meditation.  Real Serenity increases flexibility, improves muscle strength, increases range of motion, helps oxygenate muscles, relaxes your mind and revitalizes your spirit!

Lagoon Resort - Class starts Nov.12
Yoga - Mon/Wed/Fri   8:30 am 
(Increase strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation)
Improve your strength, flexibility, balance and relaxation!. Practice various poses such as tree pose, warrior pose, cobbler pose, triangle pose, etc.  Each class ends with a serene meditation. 

Rockport Aquatic Center  

Water Warrior Workout  - Wed.    9:00 a.m.
(last day Nov.9)
Water Warrior Workout -   Fri.      9:00 a.m.
(last day Nov. 9)
Water Warrior Workout is a water fitness class that combines cardio, resistance training and interval training.  This workout helps strengthen muscles, improve cardiovascular system, increase lung capacity and increase metabolism...All while cooling off and having fun! 

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