Do you want to become leaner, stronger, and healthier?

Feel leaner, stronger  and healthier 
with Real Fitness!
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For  Fitness:
* Move your body
* Work your body
* Respect your body
* Rest your body
* Listen to your body

Core Components of  Fitness:
* Strength
* Speed
* Endurance


Other Fitness Components:
* Flexibility/Stretching
* Balance


Fitness - Classes or Private sessions
* Strength Training                     * Cardio Training
* Interval Training                      * Crosstraining Session
* Rebounding Session                 * Bosu Session
* Stability Ball Session                * Kickbox Session
* Balance Training                      * Core Training
* Foam Roller Session                 * Stretch/Flexibility Session
* Resistance Bands                      * Yoga or Pilates

“Real Fit” Personal Training Session - Would you like to feel lean, strong and healthy?   Get fit with a “Real Fit” personal training session customized specifically for you.  You’ll receive physical fitness training as well as mental and emotional support during session.  Choose from cardio training, full-body strength training, core strength, yoga, pilates or stretch/flexibility to feel lean, strong and healthy! 
*Educational take-home handouts included.

Additional wellness tools - Jillian's books and video:
* Inspirational book - "Real Pain Real Peace" 
* Wellness book - "Real Health Real Life" 
* Stretch/Yoga/Relaxation video -"Real Serenity" 

“Real Serenity” Stretch & Relaxation Session – Would you like to be more flexible? And feel relaxed?  This session is a private full-body stretch, set to relaxing music, and ends with a serene meditation.  Real Serenity helps you decrease stress, increase flexibility, improve range of motion, posture, and oxygenate muscles.  Stretch your body, relax your mind and revitalize your spirit with Real Serenity.  
*Educational take-home handouts included.

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Jillian is available for private consultations,  fitness/nutrition/wellness classes, book signings 
and wellness workshops.    

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