If you are feeling like it's time to eat healthier,
have more energy or eliminate more regularly,
 You can achieve it 
with Real Nutrition.

Think about how your body feels...

* Do you eat a lot of comfort foods ?

* Do you feel uncomfortable?

* Do you often feel constipated? 

Would you like to feel healthier? Lighter?  
More energetic?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions,  
it's time for Real Nutrition.

Real Nutrition is:

* Eating Real Foods
* Juicing
* Detox/Cleansing
* Living/Raw Foods
* Live Enzymes
* Food Combining
* Proper Digestion
* Absorbing Real Nutrients
* Proper Elimination

“More Energy, Less Weight” Nutrition Consultation –
Find out what most people don’t know about weight loss and energy!  During your session, we’ll discuss your personal diet, everyday lifestyle and how to feel better.  You’ll receive helpful nutrition information on how to lose weight and useful tips to increase energy!  
*Session includes educational take-home handouts.

Real Food Educational classes/lectures:

Jillian is available for private consultations, fitness/nutrition/wellness classes, book signings and wellness workshops.  
If interested in working with her,
please email Jillian at:

Credit Cards Accepted
Gift Certificates Available