If you feel like life's not working
"numbing out" to escape, or
tired of pleasing everyone but yourself, 
Real Wellness is for you.

If you are not sure that Real Wellness is for you, ask yourself...

* Do you feel burned out and exhausted on a regular basis?

* Would you like to feel completely relaxed and rested?

*Are you tired of the "external voices" in life? (You know, the phone calls, the texting, emails, your husband, wife, kids, boy/girlfriend, family members, your boss.)

* Would you like to hear the Real Voice?  Your inner voice? And feel inner peace?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then it's time for Real Wellness.

"I have been there... overwhelmed, exhausted, and burned out.  That's why I am committed to helping you disconnect from the craziness of life and reconnect with the Real Voice, 
the voice that has your best interest at heart."
~Jillian Lambert, M.S.

Get Real, Get Well...
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Real Wellness is nourishing your mind, body and spirit.

* Exercise your body
* Nourish your body
* Real-ax your body
* Rest your body
* Respect your body 

* Positive Thinking
* Mental Stimulation 
* Affirmations
* Meditation
* Emotional Well Being

* Listen to Your Inner Voice
* Trust Your Inner Voice
* Act on Your Inner Voice
* Meditation
* Soul Activities
* Nature

For a Real Escape from the craziness of life, 
check out "Real Life Wellness Ranch."

on the wellness ranch, Jillian's wellness book, stretch video, and "Getting Real."
(1-2 minutes each)
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Jillian is available for classes (fitness, nutrition, wellness), speaking engagements, book signings and to facilitate retreat workshops on wellness.  

If interested in working with her,
please email Jillian at: