Tired of pleasing everyone but yourself?
Real Wellness is for you.

If you are not sure, ask yourself...

* Do you feel burned out and exhausted on a regular basis?

*Are you tired of the "external voices" in life? (the phone, computer, texting, emails, husband, wife, kids, boy/girlfriend, family members, and your boss.)

* Would you like to have time to yourself?

Feel completely relaxed? 

* Would you like to feel inner peace?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then it's time for Real Wellness.

"Disconnect from the 'external voices' of life and reconnect with the Real Voice, 
the voice that has your best interest at heart."
~Jillian Lambert, M.S.

Real Wellness is nourishing your mind, 
body and spirit.

* Exercise your body
* Nourish your body
* Real-ax your body
* Rest your body
* Respect your body 

* Positive Thinking
* Mental Stimulation 
* Affirmations
* Meditation
* Emotional Well Being

* Listen to Your Inner Voice
* Trust Your Inner Voice
* Act on Your Inner Voice
* Meditation
* Soul Activities
* Nature

"Real Wellness" Session - This session is an overall look at the life you are living and how to create the life you deserve.  You'll receive information on how to improve the physical, mental emotional, professional, and environmental aspects of life.  You'll learn how to take the reins of your own life and steer it in the direction of your choice!  Let Real Wellness help you feel good about your body, mind and life!  
*Educational take-home handouts included

Jillian is available for private consultations, fitness/nutrition/wellness classes, book signings and  
wellness workshops.  

If interested in working with her,
please email Jillian at:

call (512) 965-4252

Real Healing.  

"In 2009, my mother, Sharon, passed away.  This was a woman who exuded  love, warmth and kindness.  A woman who truly cared for people.  She was a woman who battled her weight for many years, dieted, educated herself and at one time lost 130 pounds! My mother inspired me for many years regarding fitness, nutrition and wellness, but she also inspired me regarding the value of being a beautiful spirit.  

I was deeply connected to my mother. Her death was the most devastating pain I had ever experienced. It was like a bad dream I felt would never end.

Once she was gone, I fell apart.  I did whatever I could to release the pain.  

We cannot fill ourselves with joy until we release the pain.  After releasing the pain, I focused on various wellness techniques to heal myself.

Sometime later, I finished writing my wellness book, "Real Health, Real Life," and dedicated it to my mother, Sharon.  

Thank you, Mom, for being my mother, my light and inspiration.  
I love you."

Escape from the "external voices" in life and reconnect with the Real Voice, your inner voice. The voice that has your best interest at heart.